So it’s just a few more weeks until I want to move to Brighton. I’m an professional procrastinator, I feel like I haven’t prepared anything yet. Maybe because it’s true. I’m just now figuring out what contracts and services I have to quit (cable, gas, phone, insurances and whatnot). Passed the deadline for most contract canellations already but luckily everybody is willing to let me out of the contract when I present them a prove of emigration. I want to see whether I can give notice of my departure in advance with the Zwickau registration office. That might make things a bit easier and I don’t have to deal with all of that when I’m actually getting ready to move.

Other than  that I need to declutter my appartment, get rid of stuff I don’t need and place (online) ads for my furniture. And prepare my car for selling. SO MUCH TO DO. But I feel like I’m finally getting on top of everything. Hopefully.