I’ve been doing all kinds of research over christmas considering my move to England. What about my business? Shall I stay registered in Germany for certain benefits? Do I want to look for a job now or later? So this is what I decided:

I will not stay registered in Germany. I will close my business, get rid of most of my stuff including my car.

I will move at the end of April (date is not yet set though), leave everything I won’t sell/give away/trash with my parents and stay with someone through airbnb. Then I can look for a place to live. I want to find someone who’s looking f or a roommate rather than having my own apartment. For a number of reasons. I will register my business in England, hopefully get some photography jobs throughout the summer and eventually look for another job in motion design at the end of the year. Unless my photography business is going through the roof – but I’m not counting on it. I think I’ll probably miss working in an office with workmates… I definitely have to put together a showreel for that though. Another thing to put in my never-ending list. Yay!

Well, time is flying and at times I feel a bit overwhelmed with all of this. Then again I realize many people have done it before and it’s not as big as a step as it may sound. It’s still Europe, I speak english well, I’ve been in England a number of times. It’ll be fine. Just keep telling that to myself 😉