Vacation recap

After thinking about my trip a bit more I decided I might chose Bristol as my new place to live. If I really want to work in motion design again though it could be kinda tough to find something. There’s not a lot of companies that work in that field in Bristol. Manchester is still Continue reading Vacation recap

Birmingham 2013

Birmingham 2013

Birmingham was a bit of a letdown. Weather was gorgeous but the city is boring. All I did was shop. I loved shooting a british-indian wedding near Oxford though. I got a sunburn waiting for the delayed indian ceremony. It’s been a fun day.  

Bristol 2013

Bristol 2013

Bristol was cool. I had a great host that I know through flickr. He showed me around quite a bit. We also met up with a few other photographers and explored the city again. Bristol is great and I could eventually see myself living here. Especially for the people I’ve met.

London 2013 pt 1

Back from my vacation and it was awesome. London was great, as usual. Met a ton of fun people, hung out with my friends Andrea and Mike, who I’ve met at last years Fershop. Had a great host through airbnb with the most comfortable bed ever. The wedding I shot with Rahul was crazy colorful Continue reading London 2013 pt 1

Short update

Just booked my flights and accomodation for my next trip to England. It’s gonna be end of june until first week of july. Eeeek, I’m excited. The cities I’ll be visiting will be  London (of course), Bristol and Birmingham. Never been to Birmingham so I’m excited to see how it is. I remember Bristol from Continue reading Short update

Slowly moving forward

Since my anticipated move is still months away, things are not exactly moving forward fast. At least I’m working on my summer plans – 2 weeks of scouting cities in England. I wanted to visit different places, connect with photographers and second shoot at 1 or 2 weddings. Looks like I scored a second shooter Continue reading Slowly moving forward

Something new

I want to move to the UK. That’s the plan. Another plan is to document my journey here. We’ll see how that goes.